Vaping is considered to be the least harmless way of using CBD products. Vape products may be adulterated or clean, but even then, they can still irritate the lungs. Vaping creates the highest risk for CBD consumers. For people infected with the virus, vaping has been a provoking factor, and hence those who choose to vape should be careful and reconsider their decision.

A most important factor while vaping CBD

While vaping CBD oil, you must know about the right wattage. When you ramp up the wattage very high, the coil gets extremely hot and burns the CBD, which ultimately leads you to waste many CBD products. To avoid that, try to keep your wattage within 10-30 watts for a decent and safe vaping experience.

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Adjust to Taste

With this method, you can find the perfect wattage that suits you best. You can begin with 10 watts, see if you like the flavor and the power and if you don’t, then crank up your vape to 15 watts and try again. You can continue this process until you reach a wattage you like.

Choose the correct device to vape CBD.

Pod Systems are the safest devices to use why vaping CBD. There are various vaping devices available in the market. There are also a variety of atomizers, tanks, and cartridges, and they’re all different.

Since most of the sub-ohm tanks on the market nowadays require coil heads with lower ohms, we highly suggest that you stay away from them since they significantly require much more wattage to vape CBD. However, If you’d still like to use your sub-ohm tank, try finding a coil head with a higher ohm value.

Pointers to note if you are vaping for the first time

  • Nicotine free

One point to note is that you are not vaping nicotine as CBD vape juice does not contain it. Therefore, laboratory test results are essential as you want to ensure that your CBD vape juice has been checked by the third party for quality and adherence with cleanliness standards.

  • Finding Your FavouriteFlavour

Many people get disappointed when they try a flavor they don’t like, but there’s no justification for that. You should be brave and experiment with different flavors of CBD juice until you find the one you like the most.

  • Do not vape large clouds.

You can blow really large clouds with a nicotine vape, but If you try to blow them while vaping CBD, you will end up burning the CBD and won’t be able to reap any of its benefits.


Due to the impact of COVID, people should think twice before vaping, but if you vape regularly and find it effective, bear in mind to always begin with low wattage.