Mechanic  Alludu is a south indiantelugu exemplary movie. Gopal released  in 1993. It is a multi starrer film acted by AkkineniNageswara Rao and Chiranjeevi as the main  leads. Both of the entertainers are hotshots in our telugu entertainment world. They were the pioneers ever. It is an activity parody film that will simply pull you back to our old style times in the entertainment world. It is one of the incredible old style films ever. Watch mechanic Alludu movie online as it’s a free online movie.


Ravi, a youthful and vigorous person who takes up alot of positions and loses them for quarreling over. He generally provokes a young lady who runs an inn in his general vicinity and she does likewise as well. It turns into a propensity for the two of them to squabble and battle with one another. As losing his positions that way, he was extended to an employment opportunity under a technician in a vehicle fix carport by the manager as he had a past. Ravi spares the proprietor once from a mishap and that constructs a positive view for the proprietor towards ravi. In the wake of taking up the work, Ravi understands that the girl of the proprietor is the young lady he generally battles with in the lodging. After a couple of battles as a propensity and some comedic turnovers, the two of them experienced passionate feelings for one another. Her dad acknowledges their marriage and during the marriage, taking a gander at ravi’s family, father stops the wedding function immediately as he had a ghastly foundation rival story with ravi’s family. What facts uncover and how Ravi handles the issue to spare the marriage will be engaging enough to invest energy to watch.

Artist Performance:

  • AkkineniNageshwar Rao, the leader of Telugu entertainment world. This function as Jaganatham was adept to him. The manner in which he nailed it was splendid and uncompared.
  • Chiranjeevi, the uber star, the mentality he has, there is another whiz in the film, the development he appeared towards Nageshwar Rao is entirely good.
  • The regal and lovely Vijayashanti is an incredible resource for the film! She is an extraordinary entertainer as we definitely know. Yet, she gave a kick to this film also.
  • Individuals would desire to watch this film for Narayana! His character was entirely played and it’s an incredible extra.
  • They had the incredible cast and group and nobody can be contrasted with other and they put their spirit and brain into the accomplishment of the film

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Chiranjivi

Actress: Vijayashanti

Other actors: AkkineniNageshwar Rao, Satyanarayana, Kota Srinivasa Rao.

Director: Bejawada Gopal

Based: Geeta Arts

Producer: Allu Arvind

Music: Raj Koti

Cinematography: Lok Singh

Editing: VallaiSwamy

Written By: Satyanand

Other information:

Runtime: 146 mins

Release date: 27 May 1993

Genre: action comedy

This is outstanding amongst other exemplary telugu films to watch to return to those bygone times of telugu films. You can watch Mechanic Alludu movie online as a free online movie.