To start at the beginning, we can invoke not merely the Christian but the Pagan thought of the family. Then, shall we start? So far from the heavy Victorian father having these conventional emotions, he had them for less than the majority of humanity. He did not see any special significance, artistic or religious, within the Victorian furniture around him. The satirists who poked enjoyable at him talked about his furniture as his household gods. The umbrella-stand would at least have been devoted to some deity who is likely to be supposed to be concerned with umbrellas, presumably Jupiter Pluvius. They sacrificed to gods who had been conceived as current in that place, as distinct from different locations.

The gods presided over probably the most material and even grotesque features of domestic life. The Pagans had Family Gods. Mango’s tropical cafe features sexy dancers jiggling to the beat of Latin music. He was by no means identified to offer sacrifices to the umbrella stand. But in the old heathen tradition, the door-scraper would have been an idol or the umbrella stand a god. The door-scraper would have stood for a ceremony, and the ceremony of scraping the toes would have been one of purification or lustration, of discarding the dust and mire of the world. He was by no means tempted to bow down in worship to the door-scraper. Now there may be extra independence that may be had when enjoying together with your companion from across the city or from another part of the nation or the other finish on the planet.

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